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Previous Sermons from Pastor Wim Mauldin - SUMMER 2015

AUGUST 30, 2015: Joy in the Struggle (Guest Rev. Sean Brown)
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AUGUST 23, 2015: No Strings Attached (PLUS Infant Dedication of Rose)
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AUGUST 9, 2015: Sharing Secrets with God
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SECOND THOUGHTS FOR AUGUST 9: Have you decided whether to fast, that is, stop for a short time the normal practice of eating, using computer, phone or other activity that pervades your life? If you do, consider also using the time reflecting with God on how you might be more intentional about your use of those activities in worshipping the Lord. Are they in competition or service to God. And how much is enough? That is the most important question. That question echoes into Jesus words for next Sunday as well.

This Sunday Jesus confronts us with the question of how much money, possessions, and wealth is enough? It’s a tough question. It is one no one can answer for us and not one that we will not answer well without talking/listening to God. Once we pray, we open ourselves to considering that we didn’t so much earn it or deserve it as that God gave our income/wealth to us for ourselves AND particular purposes in the lives of others. Seems God is always asking us that sort of stuff. So what is enough for us and how much was intended for this other purpose? We tempted to think that this is all a scheme for God to get into our pocket and take away what is really ours. But, he is not just looking out for the other guy. Jesus says when we let go of our possessiveness, we will lower our anxiety about having enough for ourselves. More about that this Sunday.

SECOND THOUGHTS PART 2 FOR AUGUST 9: Last Sunday we concluded the service with the question: Will I engage in a time of fasting food, screen time, carbon, or something else that is important to us? One of the best parts about such a fasting time is considering how, when we do use each of them, we might use them to worship and serve the Lord. Part of that conversation with God is: how much is enough? God can give us the power to retake our time and use it more intentionally to enrich our relationship with God, ourselves and other people.

“How much is enough?” echoes into this coming Sunday’s worship as well. Since God gives most of us more than we need, the scripture says that God intends for us to be using the rest of it for purposes. Often it is easy to think that we have earned what we have and we need to protect it. The economy of abundance which is everywhere taught in the Bible says that God “gave” it to us. Then comes the suspicion that such talk is just a way for God or the church to get into our pocket. But, if God did give us our income/wealth and that we needed to work as much as we needed our income, that puts our usual thinking on its head.

If God gave us more than enough, “How much is enough?” That will be different for different people. We all start out high maintenance and learn to live more simply giving God more to work with through us. But, God is not just concerned about the other guy, God is also concerned about you. When we actually believe, that is live in accordance with, what receive and have is a gift from God, it means we no longer need to live in anxiety over what we will eat or what we will wear. We will have enough. There is more to this. Let’s talk about it next Sunday morning.

JUNE 7, 2015: What Needs Changing?
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